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Assignments of Dr. Nico van Belzen

Board and Committee positions (from 2005 onwards)

Represented the global livestock sector in the FAO/WHO Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2)

NutrEvent 2009-present, member of the Steering Committee

Member of the Stakeholder Forum of the European Food Safety Authority, EFSA (2017-2018)

Member of the Stakeholder Consultative Platform of the European Food Safety Authority, EFSA (2004-2012) and of its Working Group on Emerging Risks (2010-2012)

Joint Programming Initiative ‘Healthy diet for a healthy life’. Member of the Stakeholder Advisory Board, 2011-2012

MoniQA. EC-funded Network of Excellence, m€ 12.3. Member of the Advisory Panel, 2007-2011

NewGeneris. EC-funded Integrated Project, m€ 15.7. Member of the Advisory Board, 2006-2010

Diogenes. EC-funded Integrated Project, m€ 14.5. Member of the External Advisory Board, 2005-2009

Nutrigenomics conference 2005 (Singapore). Member of the Scientific Committee

Speaker and chairman assignments (from 2005 onwards, excluding some non-public events)

Speaker, title: რისკის კომუნიკაცია in "Scientific conference on food and food additives safety", Tbilisi (GE), 23 December 2019

Speaker, title: Risk communication in "Conference on food and nutrition safety", Baku (AZ), 25 November 2019

Panelist in NutrEvent 2019 session "What are the key innovations for sustainable food and nutrition models?", Rennes (FR), 22 October 2019

Chairman of NutrEvent 2019 sessions on Antimicrobial resistance and "Innovative plant-based solutions for a sustainable nutrition", Rennes (FR), 22-23 October 2019

Opening address: the Dairy Declaration In: 1st Pancyprian Scientific Milk Congress , Nicosia (CY), 8 December 2017

Speaker, title: Vision for the global dairy sector / Visión para el sector lácteo global In: FEPALE General Assembly 2017, Havana (CU), 29 November - 1 December 2017

Speaker, title: IDF promotes sustainable milk production and processing In: IDF World Dairy Summit 2017, Belfast (UK), 30 October 2017

Speaker, title: Responsible use of antimicrobial agents in the global dairy industry In: FAO/WHO/OIE interagency coordination group on AMR meeting, Paris (FR), 17 October 2017

Speaker, title: Promoting science-based regulatory decisions In: General Assembly of the International Organization of the Flavor Industry, Brussels (BE), 12 October 2017

Speaker, title: El papel de los productos lácteos en la nutrición del mundo: Declaración del Sector Lechero In: Declaración del Sector Lácteo de Chile, Santiago (CL), 27 September 2017

Speaker, title: A cow from afar gives plenty of milk In: The XV EAAE Congress - Towards Sustainable Agri-Food Systems: Balancing between Markets and Society, Parma (IT), 1 September 2017

Panelist in the Intergovernmental Organizations panel at CAC40, 40th session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Geneva (CH), 19 July 2017

Chairman of the session Recent progress in the identification and validation of biomarkers in microbiota, NutrEvent 2017, Lille (FR), 15 June 2017

Speaker, title: The Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam In: CFS43 side event ´Sustainable Dairy Goals´, Rome (IT), 21 October 2016

Speaker, title: Introduction of the FAO-IDF session on antimicrobial resistance In: IDF World Dairy Summit 2016, Rotterdam (NL), 18 October 2016

Speaker, title: El futuro del sector lácteo: una mirada de la FIL In: XXXI Reunión Ordinaria del Consejo Agropecuario del Sur (CAS), Puerto Varas, Chile, 26 April 2016

Speaker, title: The future of dairy: a view from IDF In: 14th Pan-American Dairy Congress, Puerto Varas, Chile, 25 April 2016

Speaker, title: Global and regional challenges for dairy in CEE countries In: East European Dairy Initiative, Kiev, Unkraine, 3 March 2016

Speaker, title: Outlook for the dairy sector in the next decades In: 44th Dairy Industry Conference (44 DIC) at NDRI, Karnal, Haryana, India, 20 February 2016

Speaker, title: Outlook for the dairy sector in the next decades In: Quelles demandes alimentaires internationales et françaises en protéines en 2030?, Rennes, France, 3 December 2015 (by Skype)

Speaker, title: IDF: Global expertise in dairy; Международная Ассоциация предприятий молочной промышленности In: Second International Agro-industrial Dairy Forum, Krasnogorsk, Russia, 18 November 2015

Chairman of the World Dairy Leaders Forum, IDF World Dairy Summit, Vilnius, Lithuania, 21 September 2015

Speaker, title: Dairy Safety and Quality In: IDF Forum, IDF World Dairy Summit, Vilnius, Lithuania, 21 September 2015

Chairman of the session on Innovation and ICN2 implementation, NutrEvent 2015, 18 June 2015

Chairman of the FAO/WHO Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) Private Sector event; pictures

Speaker on behalf of the global livestock sector at the FAO/WHO Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2); text; audio; picture

Speaker, title: New tools for an ancient war In: Responsible use of antibiotics in animals. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 29 Sept. - 1 Oct. 2014

Speaker, title: Outlook for the dairy sector in the next decades In: 13er Congreso Panamericano de la Leche. Queretaro, Mexico, 8 - 11 September 2014

Speaker, title: IDF key achievements in 2012-2013 In: IDF World Dairy Summit 2013. Yokohama, Japan, 28 October - 1 November 2013

Chairman and speaker, title: The need for sustainability In: Sustainability session in NutrEvent 2013. Lille, France, 19-20 June 2013

Speaker, title: IDF's activities in animal health and welfare In: 81st OIE General Session. Paris, France, 26-31 May 2013

Speaker, title: IDF: Global expertise in dairy In: FIL-IDF Canada / STELA conference. Montreal, Canada, 13-16 May 2013

Represented IDF at the High-Level Consultation on Hunger, Food Security and Nutrition in the Post-2015 Development Framework. Madrid, Spain, 4 April 2013

Speaker, title: Benefits of dairying In: 2013 Open Day of the German National Committee of IDF. Berlin, Germany, 13 March 2013

SWIFT and other presentations at the IDF World Dairy Summit 2012. Cape Town, South Africa, 1-8 November 2012

IDF partnership declaration at the FAO-led Partnership on the environmental benchmarking of livestock supply chains. Rome, Italy, 4 July 2012

Opening of the 5th IDF / INRA International Symposium on Spray Dried Dairy Products. St-Malo, France, 19-21 June 2012

Dozens of workshop openings and dinner speeches at ILSI Europe workshops (2003-2012)

Speaker, title: The food chain in the Anthropocene In: ILSI Europe's 2012 Annual Symposium. Brussels, Belgium, 29-30 March 2012

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe's contributions to food safety and nutrition In: TGDF Food Congress '11. Cesme/Izmir, Turkey, 21-23 November 2011

Speaker/panellist, title: Nutrition and Health In: ICA Rectors & Deans Forum - Life Science Universities and Faculties: meeting the challenges and expectations. Ghent, Belgium, 3-4 November 2011

Speaker/panellist ILSI Europe’s comments In: EFSA consultative workshop on Independence and Scientific Decision-Making Processes Brussels, Belgium, 12 October 2011

Speaker, title: Harmonisation of micronutrient requirements in Europe In: ILSI Japan 30th Anniversary; The 6th International Conference on Nutrition and Aging. Tokyo, Japan, 28 September 2011

Speaker, title: Regulation of health claims on food in Europe In: special event organised by ILSI Japan. Tokyo, Japan, 27 September 2011

Chairman, session: ILSI Europe toxicology programme: current work on the risk assessment of genotoxic carcinogens and TTC. In: EuroTox2011. Paris, France, 29-31 August 2011

Chairman, session: Innovation process - Step 5: Clinical validation (Cardiometabolic diseases and weight management). In: NutrEvent2011, Lille, France, 15-16 June 2011

Speaker, title: Conclusion and Perspective - Closing words of the conference. In: NutrEvent 2011. Lille, France, 15-16 June 2011

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe’s first quarter century In: ILSI Europe Annual Symposium 2011: Science for Health - Beyond the Silver Anniversary. Brussels, Belgium, 24 March 2011

Chairman, session: LC-omega-3 in Nutrition, Health & Behaviour. In: Global summit on nutrition, health and human behaviour - Sustainable LC-Omega-3 for a Better World. Bruges, Belgium, 3 March 2011

Speaker, title: Collaborating for food and health research: how do you decide on the shared agenda between industry and health and what are the challenges. In: FAHRE Strategy Development Workshop: Food and Health Research – Towards a Vision for Europe. Berlin, Germany, 4 February 2011

Speaker, title: The ILSI Threshold project – key events dose-response framework In: 33rd European Meeting of The Toxicology Forum. Brussels, Belgium, 27 October 2010

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe's food safety programme. Invited speaker for standalone seminar in EC-JRC Geel. Geel, Belgium, 1 September 2010

Speaker, title: Endocrine-active substances In: Stakeholder Consultative Platform meeting of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Parma, Italy, 22 June 2010

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe’s emerging risks activities. Stakeholder Consultative Group on Emerging Risks of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Brussels, Belgium, 4 June 2010

Speaker, title: Bringing food safety into sharp focus. In: Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyles - the response of the savoury snacks industry (ESA summit). Brussels, Belgium, 2 June 2010

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe – past, current, future. In: ILSI Europe Annual Symposium 2010 - Towards a healthy future. Brussels, Belgium, 25 March 2010

Speaker, title: Advisory Board feedback. In: NewGeneris 4th Annual Consortium Meeting. Heraklion, Greece, 4 February 2010

Chairman and speaker, title: The latest risk assessment methodology from ILSI Europe - FIE no09. In: Session Food Protection Strategies, in Food Ingredients Europe Geneva, Switzerland, 17 November 2009

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe and BIOCLAIMS. In: 2nd Meeting of the BIOCLAIMS Consortium. Graz, Austria, 16 October 2009

Speaker, title: Introduction to ILSI Europe. In: IAFP’s 5th European Symposium on food safety. Berlin, Germany, 7-9 October 2009

Chairman, session: Regulatory frameworks in European Labeling and Packaging Regulation. In: NutrEvent2009, Lille, France, 17 June 2009

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe: science for Health. In: ILSI Europe Annual Symposium 2009 - Science for Health. Brussels, Belgium, 26 March 2009

Chairman, session: Methods for Addressing the Human Impact of Low-Level Chemical Exposure. In: Eurotox 2008. Rhodes, Greece, 6 October 2008

Speaker, title: Regulation of health claims on food In: Xtrack Symposium ‘Boost Your Body’. Utrecht, Netherlands, 18 September 2008

Chairman and speaker, session: Functional Foods & Nutrigenomics. In: Food & Drink Innovation Summit 2008. Prague, Czech Republic, 11-12 September 2008

Speaker and panellist, session: Key Considerations of the European Model for Nutrient Profiling. In: EU Food Law’s 17th Annual Conference Food Labelling & Health Claims. Brussels, Belgium, 25-27 June 2008

Speaker, title: Vision on beneficial microbes: 2010-2020. In: TNO Beneficial Microbes Conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 29-30 May 2008

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe: Who we are. In: ILSI Europe 2008 Annual Symposium: To eat or to not eat - benefits and risks to health. Brussels, Belgium, 13 March 2008

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe’s work on nutrition. In: EFSA Stakeholder Consultative Platform. Brussels, Belgium, 18-19 October 2007

Speaker, title: Welcome and Introduction to ILSI Europe and the symposium. In: ILSI Europe International Symposium on Functional Foods. Malta, 9-11 May 2007

Speaker, title: Introduction to ILSI Europe. In: SAFEFOODNET Final Workshop. Brussels, Belgium, 12-13 January 2007

Speaker, title: Biomarkers for the Assessment of Scientific Support for Claims on Foods. In: Bio Korea 2006. Seoul, Korea, 6-8 September 2006

Speaker, title 1: Scientific substantiation of claims on food: Current status in Europe; title 2: Biomarkers for the assessment of scientific support for claims on food - PASSCLAIM and beyond: developments in Europe. In: KFDA Nutrition workshop. Seoul, Korea, September 2006

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe’s activities in food safety. In: SAFE Consortium’s first international congress on food safety. Budapest, Hungary, 12 - 14 June 2006

Speaker, title: ILSI Europe’s work in risk assessment. In: Development of a prototype system for sharing information related to ecoterrorism (NATO Russia Council). Brussels, Belgium, 22-23 March 2006

Chairman Plenary Session 5: Nutrigenomics and Molecular Immuno-Modulation. In: ILSI’s First International Conference on Nutrigenomics: Opportunities in Asia. Singapore, 7-9 December 2005

Chairman Session: Stakeholders vision: Theory, examples and expectations. In: New perspectives on the knowledge-based bio-economy. Brussels, Belgium, 15-16 September 2005

Chairman of annual General Assembly meetings of the EC-funded project EURRECA, 2007-2010

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