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Publications from Dr. Nico van Belzen

Patent Humanized lactoferrin and uses thereof US2003/0229011 A1

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Scientific publications

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van Belzen N, Dinjens WN, Diesveld MP, Groen NA, van der Made AC, Nozawa Y, Vlietstra R, Trapman J, Bosman FT. A novel gene which is up-regulated during colon epithelial cell differentiation and down-regulated in colorectal neoplasms. Lab Invest. 1997 Jul;77(1):85-92

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Rijken PJ, de Groot RP, van Belzen N, de Laat SW, Boonstra J, Verkleij AJ. Inhibition of EGF-induced signal transduction by microgravity is independent of EGF receptor redistribution in the plasma membrane of human A431 cells. Exp Cell Res. 1993 Feb;204(2):373-7

van Belzen N, Verkleij AJ, Boonstra J. Visualization and quantitative analysis of epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptors at electron microscopical level. Prog Histochem Cytochem. 1992;26(1-4):39-48

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Boonstra J, van Belzen N, van Maurik P, Hage WJ, Blok FJ, Wiegant FA, Verkleij AJ. Immunocytochemical demonstrations of cytoplasmic and cell-surface EGF receptors in A431 cells using cryo-ultramicrotomy, surface replication, freeze-etching and label fracture. J Microsc. 1985 Oct;140(Pt 1):119-29

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